Increase focus and energy


Enhanced hydration


Replaces lost electrolytes through physical activity
The refreshing flavour of this sports drink will leave you wanting to make it a part of your daily workout routine. Endo Sport CBD infused sports drink is especially formulated with 10mg of CBD, also providing optimal hydration whilst replacing lost electrolytes through physical activity.


Workout Drink

Your body will enjoy increased energy and focus associated with CBD, just before a workout or any other type of physical activity.
The CBD in our sports drink is absorbed quicker by your body in comparison to a capsule form, for example, meaning your body will start to feel the effects of the above benefits a lot sooner.


Workout Drink

The aches and pains that usually follow an intense workout, are caused by the body’s response to heal micro tears in the muscle fibres, which are the result of muscle tension and strain. It’s not always easy to move past joint pain, sore muscles, and old injury flare ups, which can hinder many people from reaching the full scope of their physical abilities.

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